Research Simplified

Streamline academic research with FluidMemory, powered by generative AI.

Deliver insightful research findings in a fraction of the time, all in one place.

Academic research is hard work.

Until now, high-quality academic research required significant manual effort across various solutions. Join us as we harness the power of generative AI to deliver better research findings in substantially less time.

Capture + Organize

Collect and organize content, integrate with existing tools, and collaborate with others.

Collect Content

Organize Content Efficiently

Integrate with Existing Tools

Collaborate With Others

Analyze + Validate

Leverage generative AI to interpret complex datasets, uncover insights, and eliminate biases.

Utilize Advanced Search Options

Analyze Data

Identify Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Validate Findings

Refine + Report

Create robust AI-generated reports within specified parameters including summaries and bulleted lists.

Generate Summaries from Slices of Your Data

Refine Research Results

Format Your Reports

Generate Turnkey Reports

Advanced Search Capabilities

Capturing time.

FluidMemory revolutionizes data capture, analysis, and reporting, all in a single AI-powered platform.

Say goodbye to research drudgery

Optimize your workflow, boost quality, and save precious time with this all-in-one research powerhouse.

Forged by curiosity, powered by collaboration.

Dive into the roots of this game-changing tool and meet the minds behind its creation.

Seeing is believing

Don’t take our word for it. From collecting snippets to building reports, see firsthand how FluidMemory streamlines every aspect of the research process.

FluidMemory plays well with others

Designed to be part of a broader ecosystem, FluidMemory integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and other apps to ensure students and faculty alike have a unified, cohesive toolset at their fingertips.

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