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Learn the origins of this powerful tool and the background of the core team of dreamers bringing it to the finish line.

Piet’s journey

Our founder nearly flunked out of graduate school

Piet attended graduate school (a very long time ago) to study human factors engineering after completing his undergraduate in industrial design. He soon realized that the program relied heavily on memorization, as opposed to the hands-on approach that he had thrived on during his undergrad years. Despite repeatedly reading the same course material, he found it challenging to memorize the content.

Piet’s challenges followed him into the workplace. About fifteen years into his career, he started looking for answers. After being tested by a specialist, Piet learned he had a short-term memory disability. This was a real eye-opener, especially learning his memory scores were in the lower 30% of the general population. It explained so much about the challenges he faced in grad school.

These challenges and insights led Piet to create FluidMemory. It's more than just a tool; it's a personal mission to help others who face similar challenges in managing large qualitative datasets, a common struggle for graduate students and professional researchers alike.


Piet Kruithof

Founder and CEO

Chris Richardson

VP Design and Branding

Rebekah Werner

VP Marketing


Mauricio Cordeiro Manhaes

Innovation is Service Design

Jeffrey Graley

Co-Founder and President at Mile Two, LLC

Founders institute advisors

Oz Merchant

Passionate Startup & Ecommerce Builder

Joshua Herzig-Marx

Startup founder

Gregg Armitage

Advisor, Entrepreneur and investor

Piet Kruithof

Founder and CEO

Piet Kruithof is a veteran user research expert, with over 20 years of experience, specializing in both hands-on practices and strategic thinking within the financial and cloud sectors. His career includes significant contributions as an employee with industry giants like IBM, Truist, and HPE.

His profound hands-on understanding of complex enterprise applications is coupled with his ability to strategically apply advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods. Piet's dual emphasis on tactical execution and long-term strategy has allowed him to drive product development, transforming intricate challenges into user-centric and market-leading solutions.

Outside of his professional life, Piet adopts geriatric Great Danes on behalf of "Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love," and has adopted six dogs over the past five years.

Chris Richardson

VP Design and Branding

Chris Richardson is a seasoned professional with over three decades of expertise in marketing, design, and strategy. He dedicated 13 prolific years at Wirestone, which later became a part of Accenture in 2017. His portfolio while at Wirestone includes art direction and design for clients like: Nike, Jordan Brand, Jim Beam, Motorola, Microsoft, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Oakley.

Recognizing an opportunity to shape unique narratives and drive innovation in the digital space, Chris founded pushIQ. For the past 16 years, under his visionary leadership, pushIQ has transformed into a premier consulting group, bridging the gap between design and technology for various brands. His portfolio boasts collaborations with notable names such as Suerte Tequila, StockIQ Technology, and Mammoth.

Rebekah Werner

VP Marketing

After decades of honing her skills as a digital marketing consultant, Rebekah founded her own company with a focus on curated marketing services tailored specifically to the needs of each client. A proud graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Rebekah married her high school sweetheart and together, they are raising three daughters from their home in North Raleigh. When she’s not helping businesses grow, she enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, paddleboarding, listening to live music, hiking, camping and all things outdoors!

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