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Enhance the quality and efficiency of your academic research with FluidMemory.

Optimize your research workflow. Achieve high-quality results in a fraction of the time within a single application.

FluidMemory streamlines the research process by integrating all research methodologies into a single application.

Capture + Organize

Collect and organize content, integrate with existing tools, and collaborate with others.

Discover and save content from websites, PDFs, images, and videos.

Consolidate your data in a central location with an interface designed for ease of use.

Expand your ecosystem by seamlessly syncing with Google Suite, Chrome, and more coming soon.

Explore others’ work from within your organization to leverage diverse expertise and insights.

Analyze + Validate

Leverage generative AI to interpret complex data sets, uncover insights, and eliminate biases.

Filter by collection, tags, and keywords for precise and quick data location.

Leverage AI-powered analysis to interpret complex data sets,uncover hidden trends, and gain insights.

Find and connect with in-house SMEs, enhancing collaboration and informed decision-making.

Employ generative AI to identify and eliminate bias, and bolster the credibility of your findings.

Refine + Report

Utilize generative AI to bolster credibility, refine results, and create summaries and bulleted lists.

Use generative AI to refine your research findings, adding an extra layer of validation to your work.

Create AI-generated reports within specified parameters including summaries, bulleted lists, and outlines.

PDF extraction apps convert PDF data into usable text, numbers, dates, and images. They improve accuracy and productivity across industries.

FluidMemory + Students

See how FluidMemory is designed specifically for students

Easy + Fast

No more switching between applications. Our tool is easy to learn with a quick start-up time.

Chrome Extension

Quickly and easily collect and organize snippets from everything you see online with tags and collections.

Content Import

Import content from PDFs, audio, and video and seamlessly incorporate these recordings into your workflow for thorough analysis and reference.

Secure Data Storage

Sort data collected from online, store its original source, and easily locate it later using collection, tag, and keyword filters.

Faster findings

Analyze vast amounts of data collected from websites, documents, survey results, and audio and video files in just moments.

Work as One

Share and explore work with others from your university and connect with in-house SMEs to leverage diverse insights.

AI-Driven Insights

Identify questions and assumptions linked to a dataset, and add them to your list on the challenge assumptions page.

Advanced Reporting Features

Generate quick check-in reports, detailed reports from pre-specified datasets, and everything in between.

User Tutorials

Receive comprehensive step-by-step guidance on different workflows, including how to capture data from web pages.

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