FluidMemory Virtual Training: June 4-7th, 2024

Event Description
At the virtual event hosted by Rosenfield Media, “Design with AI 2024: Aligning the potential of AI with the humanism of US,” FluidMemory will present during the conference as one of the keynote speakers and provide a training session during the workshops.


  • To be determined

Event Highlights:

1.     Learn how AI can elevate the effectiveness and impact of UX professionals.

·        Expert speakers will empower you to sharpen your critical thinking and enable proactive anticipation and mitigation of consequences as it pertains to AI-usage in our field.

2.     Learn how to navigate and prevent potential pitfalls resulting from hasty AI integration.

·        Explore cutting-edge case studies and demonstrations that showcase AI applications.

3.     Networking Opportunities:

·        Connect with like-minded UX designers, industry professionals, and the minds behind FluidMemory to exchange ideas, insights, and experiences.

4.     Customize your event – send a question to our speaker before the event at

Who Should Attend:

·        UX Designers

·        UI/UX Researchers

·        Design Managers

·        Creative Directors

·        Innovation Enthusiasts


Piet Kruithof

Piet is a respected user research expert with an extensive background in developing enterprise applications for the cloud and financial industries. His in-depth knowledge of various methodologies, including Jobs to be Done (JTBD), MaxDiff, RITE, Personas, Concept sensing, and Desirability Toolkit, distinguishes him within the field.

Currently serving as Principal User Researcher at Truist, Piet also shares his insights as an occasional public speaker at esteemed events such as the OpenStack Summit, UX Y’all, UXPA, HFES, and All Things Open conferences.

As the founder of FluidMemory, Piet’s team is developing a software solution aimed at automating research, hypothesis testing, and presenting results for students and professionals alike. FluidMemory, our product, is powered by Google Cloud and utilizes ChatGPT along with GPT 4.0 to aid in data analysis.


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