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Power to the people. Simplifying research for all industries & individuals.

FluidMemory will Capture, Store, Search, Analyze & Validate data. All in one place.

FluidMemory serves a diverse user base, from academia to the business world, offering enhanced research and collaboration tools. Bridging technology and knowledge-sharing with AI-driven insights, it modernizes both educational and professional research process.

Easy to use

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Power of AI

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Organize like a Pro

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Level up your student projects with the help FluidMemory

FluidMemory harnesses the power of generative AI to drive deep analysis while maintaining academic integrity. We lead you to ask the right questions, validate your sources, and discern fact from fiction. Join us as we actively pursue common ground for students and educators on using generative AI.

We lead you to ask the right questions

Discern fact from Fiction

Validate sources

Maintain academic integrity

Design thinking just got smarter and easier with FluidMemory

FluidMemory leverages the power of generative AI to redefine your user experience process, transitioning seamlessly from user research to concept validation in one streamlined workflow. With a foundation in Design Thinking principles, our commitment is to simplify and enhance your journey from capturing insights to validating designs.

Concept validation

Use Design Thinking principals

Enhance capturing insights

Refined user-experience process

Amplify the innovative potential by harnessing collective intelligence

FluidMemory amplifies the innovative potential of both students and professionals by harnessing collective intelligence and tribal knowledge. Emphasizing concept validation and assumption testing, the platform encourages users to share, refine, and challenge their insights.

Emphasize concept validation

Assumption Testing

Challenge insights

Encourage user sharing

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